about jen

I'm a high school teacher and M.Ed, now based in Seoul, South Korea. After graduating from university in 2012, I moved from the New York metropolitan area to little Rhode Island to start my career as an English teacher. My students (read: kids) are my greatest source of inspiration. I taught and lived in Providence with my boyfriend, A, and our kitty, Luna, until the summer of 2017, when we made the decision to move abroad. We have lists of travel plans to get through that I can't wait to document and share here with you! 

affection aficionada

I've been an avid blog reader since early high school and seen 'blogging' develop from a casual hobby into a professional career and saturated market, which is both inspiring and daunting to me. I created affecionada in January of 2016, a couple months after my 25th birthday, as a personal project and creative platform with a travel, life, style, and beauty focus.

I hope to inspire affection by documenting and sharing my experiences and thoughts and feelings on things that are (probably insignificant, but) inspiring to me. I hope they're inspiring to you.

Thank you for stopping by this little space!

things you'd learn about me over tea

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