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At the Moment | affecionada

So this is a new thing. Between my style, beauty, and lifestyle posts, I find myself collecting little snippets of all three - a clothing item I have my eye on, a beauty product I want to try, or a new favorite home good or kitchen ware - that don't warrant an entire post, but that I want to share more of than an Instagram caption or tweet allows. I decided to call this collective-type post 'affecionada at the moment'.

Style A while back, I spotted and fell in love with this dress, perfect for the summertime. It sold out quickly, but I happened to go back to it recently and there was one in stock! I've noticed it occasionally pop up again (right now it's available in a size 6, which fits like a 2-4). I dropped it off at the tailor to shorten the straps and skirt and have it tapered, and can't wait to pick it up and feature it in an outfit post!

Beauty I follow Glossier on Instagram and I might be their target demographic in terms of branding and marketing. Any recommendations? I'm thinking Boy Brow, Haloscope, and/or Generation G.

I'm (impatiently) waiting on an Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel delivery - skincare post to come!

Lifestyle I featured some favorites in this Instagram post and the photo above. Some books I picked up recently - The Kinfolk Home, The Essential New York Times Book of Cocktails, and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up - all sources of inspiration that also look pretty on your shelf or coffee table.

Since discovering Fully Rooted, I've been sipping on a cold-pressed juice each week. On the organic theme, A and I subscribed to a biweekly farm share, Veggie Box by Farm Fresh, and received our first box today! I posted the unboxing on Snapchat (@snapaffecionada). It was a massive box of lettuce, curly kale, fresh mint, savory, beets, carrots, celery, and cucumbers. We've already nibbled on carrots and celery, tossed some kale into our favorite pasta salad, and I'm sipping on a mint-infused ginger beer as I type. We plan to use the lettuce for spring rolls and make a side of spicy cucumber, and even then, we'll have plenty left. Not sure yet what to do with the beets and savory (which we'd never heard of before) - open to any suggestions!

I've been enjoying brushing my hair with a wooden brush as it gently massages my scalp. We stopped by Target to pick up a few household items and I stumbled upon this pretty blush and gold agenda by Sugar Paper. I pick up an agenda every year (it's the teacher in me), and I don't think I'll ever pick an agenda not from Sugar Paper again! They do the most gorgeous stationery and office supplies, like this weekly planning pad, this post-it note and flag set, washi tape, and blush and gold storage boxes.

A final favorite is this teapot from Crate & Barrel, a must-have for fellow avid tea-drinkers.

At the Moment | affecionada

Last weekend, A and I visited my cousin, her husband, and my twin nieces up in Massachusetts. The last time I saw the girls, they were just starting to crawl, and now they spin while singing 'ring around the rosy' and speak almost-sentences! It was nice to play with them in the park and observe their personalities.

We also spent six hours in Boston exploring the Public Library (which is spectacular) and Garden, sitting and enjoying the weather in the Common, stopping for a drink and a lavender macaron at a Thinking Cup, ending with a dinner of soup dumplings and scallion pancakes at Taiwan Cafe. I'm working on a visitor's guide to Providence/Rhode Island, so this was a mini burst of inspiration.

Speaking of visiting, A and I are off to Chicago and the Twin Cities next week, at the end of my summer graduate course. I've planned a loose itinerary of eating and sightseeing. Stay tuned. x