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It's been a minute since my first 'At the Moment' post! This one has been a long time coming, so I'm happy to finally have a moment to sit and write it.


I featured my two new favorite cosy sweaters for fall in this post and this post. I've been loving the newest addition to my pajama set collection -- this one is so soft and pretty. You can spot it in my Boho Betty post, where I share my wrap bracelet picks and a code for 20% off your purchase! I ordered these Sam Edelman boots, which shipped yesterday and were delivered this morning, and they're even more gorgeous in person! You can still pick them up for 20% off (bargain) using the code 'FRIENDS'.

At the Moment | affecionada


When I learned about these Harry Potter-inspired makeup brushes, my heart fluttered! They would make the perfect gift for the holidays, or just for a loved one who is still waiting for his/her Hogwarts letter. Speaking of holidays, Rose Jam is back! I've been wanting to try this since last Christmas, and picked it up last week at Lush. It's floral with a hint of citrus, and it's pink! Sold.

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These are a bit random, but we use them everyday, and so I feel they're worth mentioning. I picked up this S'well water bottle to bring to work and it is the best thing ever! It keeps water cold for about 12 hours, regardless of external conditions, and doesn't sweat. With my thermos for hot beverages, I'm able to stay hydrated throughout the day. I picked up this coffee canister as a gift for A -- it's useful, it brings him joy, and it sits pretty on our kitchen counter.

We picked up an old upright piano on Craigslist and I am in love! We had a tuner work on it this morning, who told us it was made in 1912, the year of The Titanic! It's not in its best shape, but it plays, and has a beautiful molding. I love how the sound carries throughout our loft. Playing the piano brings me such joy, and previously, I could only play when we went home to my family (once or twice a year); I feel like my quality of life has improved!

A and I celebrated our second anniversary on the 12th, and he surprised me with a beautiful set of pearls (pictured above and featured here). I am so lucky that I get to spend my life with my best friend.

I climbed a literal mountain (Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire) on a school trip a week ago. I've hiked trails previously, but this hike pushed my physical, mental, and even emotional limits. I've been feeling burned out at work lately -- as much as you plan and organize, you're hit with in-the-moment problems to solve and decisions to make each moment of every day -- but this trip was a reminder of my own capabilities.

At the Moment | affecionada
At the Moment | affecionada

What have you all been up to?

Thanks for reading, and for the sweet comments! I appreciate every one of them! x