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Hello, 2017! As a teacher, the end of August is more my 'New Year' than the first of January, but I am feeling that rush that comes with newness, especially with the few trips we already have planned!

Before I get into those, let me reintroduce this series--at the moment is an affecionada series I started to share style, beauty, and lifestyle snippets that don't each warrant an entire post, but that exceed a tweet's character limit or the Instagram attention span. Really, it's a space for me to blather on about probably insignificant but inspiring-to-me details at the moment. :) See posts 1, 2, and 3!


A's Christmas gift to me was a trip to Portland, Maine, a place I've wanted to visit for some time. We're headed there over the long weekend in January and I already have a loose itinerary (planned around meals, of course) noted in my phone.

In February, we're headed to Massachusetts to visit my cousin, her husband, and my darling twin nieces. We last saw them at the end of the summer--I can't imagine how much more the girls have grown!

In July, we're headed to Missouri for a trip on the water, canoeing and rafting with A's family.

Over the Christmas holiday, I watched some of my childhood home videos and thought it would make a good New Year's goal or resolution to document more of my life through video. Kristen, a recent YouTube discovery, also inspired this--I love her casual and carefree yet intentional approach to vlogging. Life seems to be happening ever more quickly as I get older (and my memory capacity seems to be diminishing); I like the idea of documenting the details, big and small. Other goals: develop some sort of exercise routine and/or find a class I enjoy attending, be more mindful of the foods I eat, read material other than 1 young adult literature recommended by my students, 2 texts assigned through my graduate program, and 3 blogs, and save 10% of my income.

Recommendations: the Filmborn app by Mastin Labs for editing photos on your phone. This cover of Capsize, a song that resonates with my soul. Her rendition, particularly her piano arrangement, is gorgeous. And Sarah Hyland's cover of Don't Wanna Know, a song I initially wasn't crazy about. Girl can sing! (She also did one of Closer)


I'm on the hunt for a good pair of ripped jeans and a turband, eyeing a couple swimsuits for our Missouri trip, coveting a Cuyana bag, one from Sezane and maybe a belt, a sweater from Everlane and a pair of oxfords...

On the opposite end, a style goal of mine this year is focus--investing in classic staples and fewer, better pieces, and remixing and restyling those. I'm looking forward to a ruthless wardrobe clear-out in the spring!


I posted my Best of Beauty 2016 and, unlike with my wardrobe, I'm quite content with the state of my beauty collection. My beauty goal is to continue using the skincare and hair products that work for me, use up some makeup products (lipsticks and eyeshadows in particular), and explore more fragrances and scents (maybe even essential oils). Some products already on my radar: a Tom Ford quad, Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer in 001, and Bobbi Brown's Eye Opening Mascara and Sparkle Eyeshadow in Pebble.

What are your goals for 2017? x