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Long time! To those of you who, despite my inconsistency, still mosey around this space, thank you. I'd rather be blogging, (which would be a good name for a blog, no?) but work and my final course and capstone for my M.Ed seem to be the priority these days. A and I are in the midst of some big plans, which is a balance of excitement and stress, and then we both caught whatever bug is going around, so things have s l o w e d down at the moment.

If you're new here, hello! Feel free to get acquainted with this series through these posts: one, two, three, four.


After watching La La Land, I mentioned to A that I wanted to figure out how to play Mia & Sebastian's Theme and the Epilogue. One afternoon, I came home from work to find the book of music from the movie propped on our piano--A had picked up the last copy at our local Barnes & Noble. Can you die of happiness?

I love craft sodas almost as much as I love cold-pressed juice, and at the moment, our fridge is half-stocked with DRY Sparkling, which I discovered at Target last summer. It's the perfect fizzy drink and the subtle flavors intensify when you pair it with certain foods. My favorite flavor is the lavender, though I haven't yet tried the juniper berry. I've been drinking it out of a couple $3 glasses I adore and picked up from Target's $1-3 bins, currently Valentine-themed.


I mentioned in last month's post that I was on a search for a good pair of ripped jeans, and I found them! See them on me in my favorite outfit post yet.

This is my blouse-incarnate. (And it comes in blush)


This how to video by Glossier is both calming and aesthetically pleasing. Isabelle Bellis demonstrates how to moisturize your face, "to think that your skin is like a fabric." She's certainly inspired me to be more gentle with my skin and savor my skincare routine. I'm also sold on thermal waters.

What's inspiring you at the moment?

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