Bongeunsa Temple

Winter in Seoul seems to follow a pattern—a couple days of frigid cold, a couple days of moderate to ‘warm’ temperature (think 40 degrees Fahrenheit), and then cold again. Besides a couple light dustings of snow, it’s been relatively dry and sunny, though we’re coming from New England where winters are clouds, rain, and heaps of snow. Last weekend was one of Seoul’s warm spells, so we were glad to have spent it out and about. 

On Saturday, we visited Bongeunsa Temple in the Samseong neighborhood of Gangnam before a lovely dinner date at Tasting Room in the COEX mall. I was warm in this turtleneck (that I can’t get enough of), this striped shirt, a thin wool coat, jeans, and boots. I’ll be doing some temple hopping in just over a week when I meet one of my best friends in Thailand and I am over the moon with excitement!

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