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Boyfriend Explains Purpose Makeup Tag | affecionada

Laura's husband version of this tag, which was inspired by Kirsty, was hysterical to read, so of course I had to have A give it a try! We were out for lunch earlier today and he asked what I was going to write about next. Well, since you mentioned it...

If you have an Instagram-husband/boyfriend (I have a feeling they'll be the next generation of bloggers), I highly encourage you to ask him to do this tag! A and I both had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

*Note: A was watching the Cubs game as we did this and I transcribed his responses word-for-word.

Here goes!

What is the purpose of...

Primer? "To lay a foundation upon which other products go."

Foundation? "...Fuck." *Me laughing hysterically* "Well no, I skin-toned..Anthony Rizzo just homered! I wanna say pasty powder, but that doesn't make sense. Like it's not a liquid or a solid, but it goes all over your face." In response to my expression: "You're not an objective journalist right now."

Powder? "Dry stuff applied with a big brush, used in group trips to the bathroom on one's nose."

Concealer? "Stuff you put on or over areas where your natural tone or texture aren't what you want to be seen." Can you tell he's an English teacher?

Bronzer? "A product that gives one's face a bronze coloring?"

Blusher? "Similar to bronzer, yet you would use it when you're going for more of a blush coloring."

Highlighter? "You would use it on the most important parts of your face." LOL! "Or the main points."

Mascara? "A thick liquid that you apply to your eyelashes, usually black. It's really gross when it's really noticeable and visible, almost like there's spider legs protruding from someone's eyes." I have to say, I was a little impressed that he mentioned spiders!

Eyeshadow? "It's stuff you apply to your upper eyelid."

Eyeliner? "Drawn or painted around the eyes, usually also black."

Brow pencil? "A brow pencil is a facial writing utensil that is used to draw in missing parts of the eyebrows."

Lipstick? "It's a tube that gives a desired color to your lips."

Setting spray? "That's not even real, is it?" Me dying of laughter. "Yeah, pass."

BB Cream? "It's probably obscure. It's a cream applied to the neck area." Dies.

To be fair, I rarely (if ever) use some of the products mentioned. I think the boy did good. :)

But seriously, do the tag! And when you do, leave me the link! I'd love to read more of these.

Boyfriend Explains Purpose Makeup Tag | affecionada