We had the most lovely afternoon and evening on Friday. Immediately after work, I hopped on the bus and then, after stopping at a GS to grab a Starbucks bottled mocha drink (my new jam), a train to meet A at Jongno District, where you can access the Cheonggyecheon stream. I was all butterflies as it was my first time taking a train on my own, I was on my way to meet A after another full workweek, and the weather was perfect with the sun out and a slight breeze that hinted at the start of my favorite season.

shirt from Gangnam Station | Express pants (old, similar here and here) | Fitbit

Seriously, the perfect golden hour glow.

My American boy. Told you I love lens flares.

We walked along the 11 kilometer-long stream as the sun set, enjoying most of the walk to ourselves, chatting about our lives and life together with pauses when the light or autumn heart-shaped leaves or some other detail diverted my attention (this happened often), until we reached Dongdaemun, where we decided to take the train to the Express Bus Terminal for a bout of shopping (for another post). We had a late dinner at a lovely hole-in-the-wall where we ordered four dishes for a grand total of $12 or so.

I was feeling inspired in a way I wish I could always feel. I am inherently an anxious person, always anticipating the near and far future, but A, our time at Cheonggyecheon, and our life abroad have me savoring each moment.

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