New in: Colour Pop Midi & I Heart This

New in: Colour Pop Midi & I Heart This | affecionada
New in: Colour Pop Midi & I Heart This | affecionada

Ultra Matte Lip in 'Midi', Metallic Super Shock Shadow in 'I Heart This'

I'll start with this - I love Colour Pop.

I first read about them in a magazine a while back. Inexpensive beauty products that pack a punch, or some similar message. I was intrigued by the look of their products, but was convinced that the quality would be as cheap as their price points (e.g., with $4.99 in shipping, my order - the lipgloss and eyeshadow - came out to a whopping $10.99). They fell off my radar for a while.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I began an obsessive search for the perfect rose gold eyeshadow. I discovered Colour Pop's Instagram, which I immediately followed and fell in love with for several reasons: 1. it's inspiring, 2. they swatch their products on a range of skin-tones, and 3. they aren't snobs (that is, they don't just regram/repost big klout scores). I scrolled through their feed, researched product reviews, and sifted through their site, until I finally decided on 'Midi' and 'I Heart This'.

'Midi' is a soft, neutral pink that is slightly more rosy on my lips than in the swatch above. It feels like a dry oil when applied and is surprisingly thin in consistency. It mattifies quickly, but feels comfortable on the lips and doesn't make them appear dry. For a matte lip product, I'd say this is a major win!

On paper, 'I Heart This' is not a rose gold, but it is a quintessential Jen shade. Colour Pop describe it as a cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-colored glitter. I love anything sparkly and prefer neutral to cool mid-toned eyeshadow shades. 'I Heart This' definitely does not lack in the sparkle department and pulls more neutral than cool on me. Best of all, it's actually the exact shade of rose gold I've been searching for! Something about the multi-colored glitter on my skin-tone makes it work somehow. An aptly named eyeshadow, for sure! :) It did arrive cracked, which was a bummer, but the quality, texture, and color payoff (let alone the $5 price-tag) make up for that ten-fold.

Have you tried Colour Pop?