Daisy, Daisy

Zara's current selection of embroidered jeans is my inner flower child. I fell in love with this pair first, and several of their tops, but managed to walk out of the store empty-handed.

A frenzied online order was placed shortly thereafter (they're too cool), including this daisy pair

English Factory top | Zara jeans | Target flats

I have one pair of jeans that I love and wear often, and both embroidered pairs are the most comfortable I've found, which help me justify this impulse buy. 

We snapped these photos on a walk downtown to Ken's Ramen, where I slurped spicy miso onto my top (you know, for the memories). Of course, once I put a napkin on as a bib, I slurped none.

Tomorrow, A and I have our fourth Orangetheory class and then I'll be finishing up odds and ends in preparation for a girls weekend in Connecticut! I'm visiting one of my dear friends, B, who has been texting me plans including art museums, brunch reservations, and hikes. I'm so looking forward to it all!