End of Year Goals

As I get older, every year seems to go by more quickly than the last. One of my students read that it seems this way because every year, one year becomes a smaller percentage of your lifetime; i.e., one year is a smaller percentage of 27 than it is of 26 (and on that note, I'm turning 27 in a little over a month, what the even hey). I can hardly remember ringing in the new year and now we're down to two and a half months of 2017!

With most of my earlier goals ticked off and so many distractions in a new country, I thought I'd give myself some focus and share some end of year goals.

Clean out my closet. The transition from summer to fall in Seoul has been gradual, but it's become time to switch out my spring and summer clothes for fall and winter ones. Though it's a chore, I use this as an opportunity to empty and edit my wardrobe, note any missing pieces, and (literally) clean out my closet.

Use up products. More than a few of the products in my stash are on their last legs and/or approaching expiry, which is about the time I get the itch to repurchase or purchase new products. I'm staying firm on using these up first, maybe even holding out until the Sephora VIB sale (here's hoping).

Keep a food diary and share my go-to spots in Seoul. I've been quite ill since our move abroad, mostly due to stress, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to monitor my diet and the foods and food spots that do good for my body.

Budget and make travel plans. Two of the reasons we decided to move abroad are to save money and travel. We've already started to put away money (and I'm trying to be more knowledgeable about investing), so it's time to make plans! One of my best girlfriends and I are planning to meet in Thailand this December, and I'm daydreaming of a weekend trip to Jeju.

Blog every week. I have a number of posts lined up that I can't wait to share!

Work out three times per week. Our gym was closed for the ten-day Chuseok holiday, so I'm eager to get back to yoga, but on off days, I might try Kayla Itsines' programs.

Create video content. I have quite a bit of footage compiled, just need to dedicate a weekend to getting a handle on Adobe Premiere Pro. I've enjoyed filming more than I expected to--it brings me back to the days of family/home videos.

Read one book for leisure.