Flower Cafe

I was going down the rabbit hole of "My Korean Officetel/Apartment" videos on YouTube when I spotted a video of this flower cafe in Gangnam. We were headed to Gangnam so that I could get a long overdue haircut--I found the perfect salon and my hair 'designer' for these next two years and love it and her!--and decided to walk the several blocks to Cafe Arriate.

Every inch was whimsically decorated; most impressive was the ceiling of predominantly pink flowers and stringed bauble lights. It was lovely, but almost too precious, even for me. There was no shortage of girls taking strategic selfies, or having their Instagram-boyfriends conduct full on photoshoots. One boyfriend even directed his girlfriend, and probably snapped a hundred photos of the same few poses. I've come to appreciate this snap-happy culture, though, as I now rarely feel self-conscious about vlogging or shooting photos for this blog!

If not for the pricey drinks and desserts, stop by for the sights (that is, the photoshoots, and the flowers). Jokes and judgments aside :), Cafe Arriate is a sweet little spot and definitely one for the Instagram lovers!