Gangnam Station

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Gangnam Station is not just for departures, arrivals, and transfers, it's the meet-up location in Seoul. Unless you stop by early on a weekend morning or at off-hours on a weekday, and sometimes even then, you'll find the station bustling and even bursting with people grabbing a bite to eat, shopping, and meeting up or making plans. 

The first time we went into Gangnam Station, A and I were having a stressful travel moment (those don't tend to make the cut on Instagram, but they do happen) when I felt a rush of deja vu--we had stepped into the very section of the station that my family and I once passed when we were in Seoul a decade ago. It's funny how memories can be triggered that way. I was overwhelmed with emotions, which A must have sensed.

On a separate occasion, I picked up this gorgeous golden dress for about $20, a breezy white pajama-like button-down for $15, and a pretty blue and white striped tank for $5. The dress in particular caught my attention as it reminded me of a skirt and top set I fell in love with last season, but for less than a fifteenth of the price. 

You could spend a good portion of your day at the station and still have the whole neighborhood to explore. Whatever your motivation, the expansive underground Gangnam Station is a stop worth making.

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