Lazy Sunday Morning

Lazy Sunday Morning | affecionada
Lazy Sunday Morning | affecionada
Lazy Sunday Morning | affecionada

It was a true lazy Sunday morning - we had hosted dinner for friends at our loft the night before to mark the start of our much-needed spring break (all of our Rhode Island friends are also teachers), and although it was a late night, we awoke early on Sunday to lie in with coffee, tea, Cubs highlights, and affecionada.

"Soft skin and bed linen", circa Florence 2003, is how Maison Martin Margiela describe Lazy Sunday Morning from their Replica fragrance collection, "a reproduction of familiar scents and moments of varying locations and periods". The other fragrances in the collection include Beach Walk ("sunkissed salty skin"), which I've tried in rollerball form and would describe as late summer, ylang ylang and coconut-infused beachy air, Flower Market, Jazz Club, Promenade in the Gardens, Tea Escape, At the Barber's, Lipstick On, By the Fireplace, and Funfair Evening. Each fragrance is identified as male or female, though several of them could be worn by both.

The collection's sentimental concept appealed to me, and when it came to choosing one fragrance, well, with that name and description, it was easy. On me, Lazy Sunday Morning smells like white floral, clean sheets, and musk. It sometimes reminds me of walking up to the fragrance counters of a high-end department store. It's not a unique or innovative scent, it's familiar. And that's exactly what I love about it.

My perfect lazy Sunday morning is the one I described - being woken up early by the sunlight coming in, chatting with A while sipping on tea, catching up on my favorite reads or writing posts of my own with Luna snuggled in our fresh white sheets, knowing we don't have to go to work tomorrow.

It's rare that I commit to a fragrance - I only have two others in my collection, Jo Malone's Peony & Blush Suede and Jennifer Aniston's - but I have been wearing Lazy Sunday Morning every day since I received it. My only gripes are that I can't smell it enough on myself, and the price. You can order a rollerball or a 3.4oz bottle, the latter of which will set you back $125. I only allowed myself to order it when Sephora were offering their 15% VIB discount. Currently, they're offering triple points on fragrance for Beauty Insiders.

Maison Martin Margiela played a strong marketing game by sending the Replica collection to the big beauty bloggers (Chloe are doing the same); fortunately for me, it was worth the hype. My triple-point fragrance might have to be a Chloe...

Lazy Sunday Morning | affecionada

This Sunday, we're having a not-so-lazy morning and dressing up for a jazz brunch at The Dorrance in downtown Providence. I'll still spritz this on before walking out the door.

What's your perfect lazy Sunday morning? And have you tried the Replica collection?