Marble House

I'm not sure that June happened this year; it was a month of more to do than there was time to get done. That momentum, though, has resulted in a productive start to July. I'm buzzing at the thought of doing things I want to do rather than things I have to do!

On Friday, the first day of my summer, we ferried to Block Island (post to come, see my last posts here and here) for the morning, then spent the afternoon in Newport. We decided to tour a property we had not yet seen, Marble House. All of the other tourists, including A and his mom, listened along to the audio self-guided tour while I opted out and snapped photos, so I don't have any history to share this time (see the Green Animals Topiary Garden, RosecliffThe Breakers, and, my favorite, The Elms). 

If it isn't obvious by the pink and pretty decor, this room was my favorite. A even paused his tour to comment on it. 

I'll take all the pink couches.

Loved the light and the little trinkets in this room.

Spot the pink hydrangea.

The Newport mansions and properties are a dream. Seriously considering renewing our memberships just for the last few days we're in little Rhode Island. 

It feels good to be back to blogging. xx