Moving Abroad


I mentioned in this post that A and I are navigating a life transition, and now that things have started to fall into place, I can share it with you! If you haven't already guessed by the title...

We're moving abroad!

This is a bittersweet, though mostly sweet, event as Providence, a city I'd often try to escape, is one I've unexpectedly grown to love. I moved to little Rhode Island at 21, just out of undergrad and on the brink of a bad breakup. My friends and family wanted me to leave, I wanted me to leave, but I stayed. Because on the flip-side, it was my first year as a teacher, the best year of my life, and my 7th grade classroom was the first place where I felt I was exactly where I was supposed to be. 

I explored most of the state on my own, with friends who visited often, and then with new Rhode Island friends. I taught, and I learned more. The second year was better than the first. That summer, I adopted Luna. And at the end of it, when I thought I had reached my peak, I met A. 

The third year, I started grad school. At the end, I resigned from 7th grade to teach high school. That year and throughout the summer, A and I traveled to Chicago to visit his family, south to visit mine, to several other states to celebrate friends' weddings, to Berlin for his sister's, and to Prague for my Pinterest dreams come true. We moved in to our gorgeous loft and started the fourth year, with my 9th grade students who are now my 10th grade students. Leaving them (and their families) is the bitter part. But as this fifth year ends and I reflect on these formative years of my life, I'm content. 

Providence is a city I'll look back on fondly, and likely visit every fall (New England fall is my favorite). So many of my favorite parts are documented in this little space, and will continue to be until we leave this July--a travel guide is in the works!

So where are we headed? Seoul, South Korea. This will be an experience for infinite reasons, not the least of which are 1. it's where my parents were born, 2. Korean was my first language, and 3. cheap and good street food. A and I will continue to teach which will be its own experience.

What does this mean for affecionada? Same style, different destination. We have quite a few domestic and international travel plans lined up already, and other than our expat status, affecionada will remain a little space for a little girl to share her big moments. 

Oh, and Korean beauty and skincare. There may be some of that.

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