My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine | affecionada

We're not big on Valentine's Day, but A was cute and asked me to be his valentine while we were shopping in Target, so. You make me smile with my heart.

Banana Republic dress | Chloe pumps

My Funny Valentine | affecionada

Maybe wearing pink or red is a little cliche, but this dress was too perfect to pass up! It's a vibrant, pretty pink in a silky, slinky fabric. My scalloped Chloe pumps add a sweet touch. Incidentally, the glass I'm holding is one we picked up on that trip to Target--perfect for drinking chilled lavender soda out of.

I had to settle for indoor photos what with the foot of snow that fell on Rhode Island this weekend. (Not completely complaining, it gave us two snow days!) I find these photos kind of funny--moody and fuzzy due to the lack of light in our loft, and a little random. Maybe it's the cabin fever. :)

Hoping you're all spending Valentine's Day (and every day) with loved ones. I'd love to see your looks if you're dolling up! If you're in search of beauty inspiration, check out my post here. x