My New Favorite Gadget

I suppose this has been a long time coming, and then especially recently with my Orangetheory craze (read: obsession) and two of my best girlfriends owning one--Fitbits are nothing new, but mine has become my new favorite gadget. I picked up the Alta HR (currently on sale!) in rose gold with the pink strap, a smart watch with touchscreen display that tracks your steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, and active minutes. If I'm still for too long, it reminds me to get moving, and if I've met my quota, it 'celebrates'. 

Some features I particularly love are that it tracks my sleep and the app provides insights such as time spent in each stage of sleep. The Fitbit vibrates as a silent alarm when it is time to wake, and it also vibrates in sync with my phone when I receive a text or a calendar reminder goes off, a feature I thought I'd never use and even hate but that has been quite convenient. 

Fitbit Alta HR | Outfit details here

I haven't worked out properly in over a week now with the move and am definitely feeling it, but my Fitbit has at least kept me active. This post and I are in no way affiliated with Fitbit; I'm simply sharing a gadget I've purchased and love using!

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