On Minimalism

'All you need is less' are inspiring words on my Pinterest board that I too often find challenging to live by. If there's anything to turn you off from consumerism, though, it's a big move and having to confront everything you own (and the duty free shopping at Pudong airport in Shanghai).

Making snap decisions about which of your belongings to keep, store, donate, or trash, and with a weight limit on how much you can keep, shows you a lot about what you need and value. 'Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful' is another quote that inspires a minimal lifestyle for me, and with our move, we (read: I) pared down to about just that.

Although our tiny officetel gives us no choice but to be minimal and our budgeting goals and plans keep me grounded from the rampant consumer culture in Seoul, I am deeply embracing this mindset of deliberating and savoring each purchase, whether it be style, beauty, or other goods, services, or experiences. 

That's not to say there will be an immediate or even massive shift on this space--in fact, the next post is on a couple new Korean skincare products--just more thought, consideration, and intention, which I hope have been here already.