On Things to Come

On Things to Come | affecionada

I've been doing some soul-searching around this little space and have come to the conclusion that my blog is having an identity crisis.

I created affecionada just over a year ago now as a personal project and creative platform; I wanted this to be a space where I could document and share my experiences and thoughts and feelings on not-so-important things (i.e., style, beauty). I read on other blogs that one of the keys to growth and 'success' is finding your niche, and decided that I was content to be nicheless (though I'd be lying if I said I was content to stay stunted). What niche could I pursue, anyway? Being a teacher is a massive part of who I am, but I didn't want affecionada to be a teacher typecast.

I'm not sure that I'm ascribing to a niche now, but I do realize that I want this space to be more than just the outfits I wear, the products I'm using, the 'at the moment', and the pretty parts of the places I've been--I still want it to be these things, as I do find inspiration in style, beauty, and lifestyle--I also want it to be the stories, the idiosyncrasies of this decade of life, and the learning. I want it to have meaning and purpose. I'm trying to find my way of fusing these things together. I hope you'll bear with me through these shifts and growing pains. :)

'affecionada' is a play on affection and aficionad(a), inspired by my students who make my job feel not like a job. As a word, it represents what I feel passionate and knowledgeable about. I hope that affecionada will come to represent the same.

On Things to Come | affecionada

PS: the sweater is by Madewell, last featured here, and the sunglasses are by Le Specs. ;)