One Good Habit

I am a chronic put-things-near-their-place-rather-than-in-their-place person. I'll wash, dry, and even fold my laundry, then leave it sitting in a pile on top of the dryer or dresser. I'll lay my makeup brushes on my vanity after use though the glass I keep them in is not an arm's length away. These are physical representations of the metaphorical way in which I allow things to pile up. 

With our to do list for the summer, including hosting a string of visitors and potential new tenants, I'm practicing the habit of putting things away. By doing so in the moment, at the very least, I'm able to keep our loft tidy and household tasks small; at the most, this practice seeps into other aspects of my life and improves my day to day and overall wellbeing. I'm not quite at the Bullet Journal habit tracking level, but I am being mindful of developing a habit. 

Madewell tank | Zara jeans | Havaianas

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