Anyone else save purchases for a special occasion, be it a birthday, holiday, or some achievement or accomplishment to celebrate? I’m not sure exactly when it started, but I’ve practiced self-gifting for some time. I don’t mean ticking off a shopping list, more treating yourself to a wish list item or maybe a luxury you wouldn’t otherwise treat yourself to.

Most recently, I gifted myself my personalized Louis, a ten-year wish list item and probably the most extravagant gift yet, for completing my Master’s degree with honors. 

For my 27th birthday, I went the beauty route (with one unplanned purchase). 

I had been on the hunt for shoes to wear at work--we're required to wear 'indoor' shoes, or slippers--and finally found a comfortable slip-on pair in a loafer style at a shop in Gangnam Station. Right above that pair were these gorgeous multicolored tweed flats; a little bit Manolo, a little bit Chanel, and a whole lot of pretty and sparkle and heart-eyes. I wasn't planning to buy two pairs of shoes, but it was my birthday week and I had to snatch them up! 

Almost every beauty blogger and vlogger I follow who has flawless skin has promoted SK-II's Facial Treatment Essence more than once. And I knoow, #spon and whatnot, but I remembered some of them using it even before all that, so that was my justification for being a sucker.

The price tag definitely calls for a gasp and a clutch at the heart, but it's a bit less exorbitant here than in the States, and in true Korean fashion, there are 'services' (i.e., free additional items or perks). The 75mL bottle came packaged with generous sample sizes of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and RNA Power Radical New Age Cream, a sheet mask, and cotton pads for about $91 USD. I also received additional miniatures of the essence and clear lotion, as well as a sample of the matching cleanser.

Finally, I gifted myself Aerin's Lilac Path Eau de Parfum. Outside of our loft in Providence in our parking lot, there was a lilac tree that would bloom for a short time in the spring. During that time, I would open my window every time I drove into the lot and inhale the strong but soft, pure floral scent. I must have looked like a loon, but I couldn't help myself. This scent is the closest I've found to it. While I love that lilacs appear so fleetingly and then are gone, I'm happy to have their scent bottled, to remember that tree and that time in Providence.


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