Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life

Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life | affecionada

In my career/graduate degree/some semblance of a social life balancing act, I've been taking time to manage me in small but impactful ways. Some have long been part of my day-to-day while others I've only just started to incorporate. For those of you who are also on a go-go grind, here are some simple ways to improve your quality of life.

Wake up earlier. This one's a stretch, especially if you already wake up at the butt-crack of dawn, and especially in the wintertime when all you want to do is stay bundled up in your duvet, but it gives you the most bang for your buck. Waking up earlier means having time to wake up, get ready and get through your morning routine at your leisure, and mentally prepare for the day, and, ultimately, arriving to work not in a rush and with some tasks already ticked off your to-do list!

Make your bed. This takes no time at all and making it your first task of each morning means that you start each morning with a successfully completed task. Reducing 'clutter' has positive effects on your overall wellness, but the effect of setting yourself up for success alone is enough. (And it's satisfying to come home at the end of the day to a made bed.)

Simplify routines. This applies to any routine, but I've been applying it specifically to my beauty routine. Winged liner is my everyday go-to, but I will admit it can take time. Recently, I've been simplifying my routine to a light base, quick touch of highlight, bronzer, and/or blush, brushing through my brows, curling my lashes and coating with mascara. Rather than curling second-day hair, I've been tying it back into a sleek, low ponytail.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life | affecionada

Drink tea. Green tea, mint, oolong, chai--tea is just good for the soul. I use this thermos so that it stays piping hot and there's plenty of it to get me through.

Decompress. My nighttime routine includes some of my favorite ways to decompress. Moisturizing my face, neck, hands, and feet, spritzing my pillows (read: the entire bed) with pillow spray for some aromatherapy, and, recently, putting on an eye mask to block out light and ease myself to sleep help me rest well and wake up early to start again. I use an eye mask that came with a pajama set, but this silk one is a luxurious option.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Quality of Life | affecionada

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These are some of the simple ways I prepare myself for and unwind from long days loaded with work and limited in play. Feel free to share yours in the comments! x

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