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So This is Love (& 15% off!) | affecionada

Things are about to get intimate.

ThirdLove are a brand I discovered by chance while perusing new blogs one night. Their focus on fit piqued my interest--the search for a well-fitting bra has been the bane of my bra-wearing existence--so I pinned a few products to keep tabs on. A couple weekends ago, my best friend came to visit and, by chance, raved about "this new bra company" she had already purchased a few bras from. Shortly thereafter, ThirdLove contacted me (it's like they knew!) about writing a post on affecionada exploring common 'bra-blems' and solutions!

Fit is essential when putting together an outfit; just as essential is what you put on underneath! Here are my tips for finding a bra that fits!

So This is Love (& 15% off!) | affecionada
  1. Get measured, and then measured again. You'll ensure accurate measurements and be able to accommodate to any changes in your body.
  2. Put it on correctly. Wear a new bra on the last (loosest) hook so that as the bra stretches, you can adjust it to fit more tightly. Then do the scoop and swoop -- scoop the girls into the cups while swooping the wire down, so that the wire sits under them and props them up.
  3. For straps that slip, try a full-coverage, semi, or convertible bra, which have narrower set straps that stay on your shoulders. A simple solution is to tighten the straps as the bra stretches out.
  4. If your band rides up, size down for a snug fit. When you size down in the band, however, remember to size up in the cup (example: if you're a 36C, your sister size is a 34D). If you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band (on the loosest hook), you have the right size.
    If you're spilling over, size up in the cup! (34D to 34E, for example)

No matter the 'bra-blem,' there is a solution! ThirdLove make it even easier by offering half sizes, a Fit Finder, and Try before you buy -- a 30-day trial (just pay for shipping) for you to decide if this is love, too.

So This is Love (& 15% off!) | affecionada

Express cardigan | Jo Malone cologne

ThirdLove have generously offered a promo code for affecionada readers! Use TLNOVBB15 to receive 15% off your order! I used the code myself to pick up the 24/7 Classic Push-Up Bra and 24/7 Lace Balconette Bra. If you purchase your first bra using the links in this post, you and I will receive $15 towards a bra! *This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Let me know if you have any solutions to add, and if you'll be finding your ThirdLove! x

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