Spring Daydream

I am overjoyed! Yesterday, I completed my certification exam for my Master's degree...and exceeded the score requirement by a significant margin. To say I was pleased with myself is an understatement--I chatted with my parents and A about how I was going to buy myself a gift and treat myself to ice cream.

I mentioned in this post that I've been in a state of limbo with managing so many moving pieces in preparation for a life transition, but with this result and some good news we received the day before, it feels things are falling into place. I still have to finish the school year with my students and complete some coursework before graduation, but I'm already daydreaming about our plans for spring and summer!

1. Today, we're trying a free session of Orangetheory, a group personal training workout, which should be interesting considering I hardly work out. I've always enjoyed classes (yoga, zumba, step aerobics), though, and am looking forward to this one.

2. Tomorrow, we're headed north to visit my cousin, her husband, and their baby girls who are bundles of joy. 

3. Next weekend, we're exploring Boston--and my itinerary is food--before the Cubs versus Red Sox game. I'm looking forward to wearing my new Kris Bryant jersey. 

4. The first weekend of May, I'm visiting a girlfriend in Connecticut. She has so much planned for us to do, including viewing (read: fawning over) the rose garden at Elizabeth Park. 

5. The second weekend of May is graduation, and then we have some downtime until June when two of my girlfriends are visiting, A's mom is visiting, and we're visiting my aunt and uncle in New York. Then we have early July when my parents are visiting and finally mid-July when things start to get busy. 

Soon enough these plans will all have happened in a blur, but for now, I'll be looking forward to them! What are you looking forward to in the warmer seasons?

J.Crew cardigan, dress | Loeil flats

Isn't this the most darling little spring wreath? My pose on the other hand is a bit comical, but I had to share that pretty little thing!

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