Summer To Do List

Happy June! That we are halfway through this year and just under two months from our move abroad gives me butterflies. We had several potential tenants visiting our loft yesterday morning, our last free Saturday for a while, so A and I headed out early to the farmers market and then brunch as an escape.

We have quite a bit to do this summer up to our flight at the end of July. I'm trying to tick off a box or two each week.

1. Host family and friends. Three of my girlfriends, a couple of A's buddies, and his mom are coming up the weekends in June, and my parents at the start of July just before our drive to Illinois. We'll spend time with our Rhode Island friends in between, so we'll be kept busy!

2. Be active. We'll be exploring most of Rhode Island with our visitors, I'm hoping to revisit the Newport Mansions before our memberships expire, but I would also like to maintain our workout schedule and make the most of our unlimited Orangetheory classes before our raft and canoe trip in Missouri. 

3. Clean house. We plan to sell, donate, or toss most of what we own (which, fortunately, is not much), pack what we need, and store the rest. Preparing for a two-year move abroad certainly gives you reason to reassess what you 'need' or even care to hold onto. Catch me on Craigslist and Depop. :) For Seoul, I'm limiting myself to a three-piece luggage set and have most of my winter items packed.

4. Vlog. I'm collecting video clips here and there for the memories, but since I do plan to vlog in Seoul, I may also vlog our summer and last months in Rhode Island. I'm upgrading my technology next month, which makes this even more exciting!

Madewell shirt, jeans | French Baskets round wicker basket | blank canvas mule sandals

Most of my outfit was first featured in this post on my new pieces for summerThe perfect summer jean pairs perfectly with this white cotton shirt, which even us bigger busted ladies can wear braless thanks to the thick material and placement of the pockets (though this bralette would be pretty worn under it). I tied the bottom to show the high waist of the jean which is super flattering on the derriere. This round wicker basket is perfect for summer farmers market hauls (I love this oval one and this pair with leather handles).

What are your plans and goals this summer?

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