The Capital Grille

Love the clocks set in different time zones.

Two Christmases ago, A's sister and brother-in-law gave us a gift card to The Capital Grille in Downcity, Providence. We finally got around to using it today and I'm glad we waited as TCG have since moved to a new (better) location. Since it's the end of a long weekend, we were there on an off-day at an off-hour and essentially had the main dining room to ourselves!

The front of the dining room.

Outfit details: Ann Taylor shift dress, Zara blouse On my lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Candeur

Everything about the restaurant, from the bar and interior to the wait staff and service, gives you the sense that you've escaped to an alternate old, ritzy, New England reality...or maybe we're just not used to fine dining. :) Either way, it was fun pretending to be fancy people for a couple of hours.

My Jackie O. dress (first seen here) is from earlier this season, but Ann Taylor currently have a skirt in the same boiled wool for 40% off (I like the 'Snowy White'). Here's a similar pretty pink lace shift dress and a classic shift that never goes out of style.

Lunch menu.

His and hers: Belvedere vodka martini, fresh squeezed mint lemonade.

We started with our drinks (I'll have to try the house-made grapefruit soda next time) and some bread. A and I both ordered 'Plates' - he started with a clam chowder and chose the jumbo shrimp with wild mushroom risotto. I started with the creamy potato leek soup (which I think was my favorite part of the meal! A regretted his choice after trying mine) and had the Maine lobster roll with sea salt and malt vinegar chips.

Creamy potato leek soup.


His: jumbo shrimp with wild mushroom risotto.

Hers: Maine lobster roll with sea salt and malt vinegar chips.

The view.

The back of the dining room.

Dessert: flourless chocolate espresso cake.

I didn't think I'd have room for dessert, but who was I kidding? There's always room for dessert!


It was a perfect lunch with my perfect date. There wasn't a single aspect we didn't enjoy, down to the valet driver who offered to take our picture outside the restaurant, opened the passenger door for me, and then wished me "a great day/afternoon/evening/everything."

Needless to say, we'll be going back (we still have some money left on the gift card! Winning) and I'll be having the lobster mac 'n' cheese.

What's a great restaurant you've tried recently? x

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