The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

While missing New England fall this year is cause for heartache (last Friday, I was hit with my first bout of 'homesickness' on a night out with colleagues), the foliage and chill in the air in Seoul have given me comfort. Yesterday, after a perfect lunch at my favorite little Italian place, A and I headed to Yangjae Citizen's Forest for some leaf peeping.

These photos are the first we've shot manually adjusting ISO and shutter speed (instead of only aperture). Yes, most are slightly overexposed and the highlights are blown out, and maybe I could have done more about that in post, but I'm proud of the steady progress each of us is making (the photo above is one of my favorites A has shot).

Halogen sweater | Uniqlo joggers | Nike Free Rn | Gentle Monster sunnies

A note on the joggers: I don't often (or ever) wear sweats, but after picking these up this weekend, I never want to take them off. They're lined with what has to be the softest, coziest, toastiest material in the world--pulling them on feels like you're pulling yourself into a glorious hug.

I couldn't get enough of the fall sunlight flowing through the trees and the leaves dancing their way to the ground.

Hoping for at least a few more weekends of fall in full swing!


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