The Review: Nuxe

The Review: Nuxe | affecionada

Happy hump day! This week is going by much more quickly than I had anticipated - it's our first full week back at work in a bit, what with snow days and long weekends. A took me out to dinner tonight for Cambodian, which was a nice surprise treat after a long staff meeting. We also have some nice plans for this weekend, which I'm really looking forward to!

If you caught my New York haul, you'll know that I recently picked up Nuxe's Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm in pot form (while you're at it, why not catch up on my New York post and vlog? ;). The Lip Moisturizing Stick, which has been used down to a nub, had been my favorite lip balm to date. I'm pretty finicky about putting anything on my lips, whether it's gloss, lipstick, or balm, but Nuxe have got me with the texture - not sticky, not oily, just nourishing. And the pot form is even better! Compared to the stick, the formula in the pot is equally nourishing but more matte, which makes it ideal to use before lipstick or gloss application. The formula is concentrated, so you only need a bit; I use one end of a cotton bud to scoop some of the balm out and apply it to my lips. I apply it before bed, and even after smothering my face in my pillows overnight, there's still a coat of balm on my lips in the morning. Not only nourished, the skin on my lips looks and feels firm and plump. It's a winner for sure!

Yes, $19 for a lip balm is steep, but for the amount you get (0.52 oz) and considering the amount you need to use each time, this little pot will go a long way! I've heard good things about the rest of the Nuxe line as well, so I'm eager to try more!

Have you tried Nuxe?