I knoow I’m being melodramatic here guys, but 27 is an age I cannot even comprehend. When I was younger, my ‘20s’ were a time in the distant future, a time I knew would come but didn’t expect to actually.

I’m fortunate to reflect on this near-decade of life as a formative, educational, and fulfilling one, that has made my heart full with good people, new experiences, and personal accomplishments. Of course there were massive downs and letdowns, but they were necessary growing pains on the way up.

23-26 were a blur—it is true that “if you don’t stop and look around [at life] once in a while, you could miss it”—and that’s why this little space means so much to me, as a record of the good people, new experiences, and personal accomplishments. There’s still so much to look forward to these next few years of my 20s, and to continue sharing with all of you. 

Say hi to A! I don’t get to photograph him much.

As for how I celebrated my first birthday abroad, last weekend, my new colleagues and friends took me out for dinner and drinks, A gifted me the prettiest pink jacket (which I’ll share soon, along with what I gifted myself), treated me to birthday sweets at this sweet place with a sweeter name, we spent the day wandering Seoul and ended with dinner at a cool spot I’d been wanting to try.

On the actual day (today), some sweet students surprised me at the start of first period with cake, candles, and singing, those same colleague-friends surprised me with sweet cards and gifts, and others gave sweet wishes. Messages from family and friends in the States are rolling in as I type this and wait for A for dinner at my favorite little Italian restaurant. Ending tonight with some feel-good yoga. xx