What Happened After I Didn't Wear Mascara for a Week

Mascara is probably my favorite makeup item to wear (though a brow pencil has become a close second). With a combination of the pollution in Seoul, some pseudo-allergies, and me not being able to be bothered, I stopped wearing it for a week and noticed the following:

My eyes were less irritated. This might be stating the obvious, but mascara was a bigger factor than I initially thought. And it led to a chain reaction—my eye area was clearer and the skin around my eyes was softer and more hydrated from not having to remove mascara each evening. 

My eyelashes grew. Noticeably. There were more lashes and longer lashes and my lash line looked fuller and healthier, almost conditioned, which made for smoother mascara application the following week... :)

It’s easy to forget that lashes and even brows, like your hair, are subject to the elements and damage, but a little tlc, or even just a break from mascara, goes a long way!