Where I Find Inspiration

I'm easily inspired. I spotted this little garden entryway on the East Side which inspired this post. Being a teacher, I often experience several inspiring moments per day. My best girlfriends are inspiring, moving abroad is inspiring, music, scents, sunlight at different times of day. And with this uplifting change in weather, I wanted to share some recent sources of inspiration with you!

BP top | LOFT skirt | blank canvas mule sandals

I shared on my Stories that I finally picked up a Bullet Journal--this has been a long time coming! I've scribbled obsessively in journals, planners, agendas, calendars, and any variations since primary school to document and stay organized. The 'BuJo' system is an amalgamation of these in one dotted journal. The freedom and almost lack of structure, and the seeming need to be artistically inclined, put me off at first, but one glimpse of Anna's and I bit the Bullet!

This one's a bit of a surprise, especially to me, but I've been crazy inspired by Orangetheory. I'm inspired by wellness and I maintain a fairly active lifestyle, but working out is one I've never been into. I mentioned in this post that I tried a free class--that led to a weekly one-month membership and then a twice-weekly membership, and I'm fairly certain next month will be an unlimited. I find myself looking forward to classes throughout the week and feel myself building endurance and becoming stronger, and that feels good! I'll definitely write a post on this and on my favorite workout gear.

A recent blogger and YouTuber favorite is Kitty Cotten, who I discovered through Kelsey (another favorite and inspiration). Her vibes and aesthetic are right up my street, and though I first became a fan through her blog, her channel adds another dimension. 

Happy weekend! I'm looking forward to ending the workweek with an Orangetheory class and spending the next couple mornings mapping out my Bullet Journal. x

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