Work-Life Balance

One of the most difficult parts of being an educator is that you always have work to bring home. Six years into my career and I'm convinced the amount never changes, though you do develop systems and instincts that help you manage the work more efficiently and effectively. 

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When I organize my mental list of priorities, it's never work that gets pushed to the wayside. Oftentimes, work comes even before health. 

This year, I'm making the decision to keep work at work. I want to live life harder than I work to make a living. Sure, this means I have to be strategic and intentional with every spare moment at work, but the cost-benefit for days off, weekends, and even weeknights is liberating. Living abroad facilitates this because there's so much else I'd rather do than work. And the better I am physically, mentally, emotionally, etc., the better I will be for my students. 

Here are some of the ways I plan to strike this balance: 

Explore more. I plan to use every weekend to cross off items on the to do list on my Notes app and every longer stretch to travel, vlogging all the while. 

Snap more photos. Since upgrading my camera equipment, I've become reliant on it rather than learned to use it properly. My goal for this month, at the least, is to get comfortable adjusting anything other than the aperture and figure out the best times and places to test light.

Write consistently. Blogging is my favorite thing to do lately but almost always the first to be pushed to the back burner. I'm planning out a schedule and hoping to stick to it.

Attend yoga. Classes at my gym are now offered four times per week--I'm challenging myself to attend every class for one month with the hope that it will then become second nature.

Other work-life balances: savor meals and quality time and conversation with A, have Sunday pamper sessions, tidy our officetel, read leisurely before bed, and practice Korean.

What do you do to maintain a work-life balance and take time for yourself?

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