Working Out for People Who Don't Work Out

This is a post I never thought I'd write.

Until about a month ago, I'd never been a "workout person." I maintained a relatively active lifestyle--I'd go for walks or hikes, ride my bike in the warmer months, take a yoga or zumba class here or there--but never a regular exercise schedule. I didn't find working out engaging, nor did I have the energy or care to make it a priority. I didn't see the point. 

And then I found what works for me; Orangetheory (who I am in in no way affiliated with, just sharing my love for). 

I mentioned how much I look forward to each class in my post on where I find inspiration. Orangetheory is heart rate-based interval training designed to maintain a target (orange) zone in a one-hour group setting with a personal trainer. What works for me: the variety. Throughout the hour, you rotate from rowers, to treadmills, to the 'weightroom' where you complete sets on the floor and/or using the indicated equipment. And the soundtrack is always good. Personal training in a group setting. The trainers give verbal directions over the mic, demonstrate, and coach you individually. I need guidance and a push, and I know my limits, and the setting allows for both. Progress monitoring. I am a teacher, after all. It motivates me to see my zone and percentage, time spent in each zone, heart rate, and calories burned on the screen in the moment as I'm working out.

As Yoga with Adriene (another favorite) says, you need to "find what feels good." While I would highly recommend Orangetheory (and do to anyone who will listen), my larger point is that, especially for those who "don't work out," it's about knowing and finding what works for you.

...and sometimes, it's about cute workout gear. I've linked some of my favorites below!